Railcar Maintenance & Repair

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Here’s an inevitable fact of the railway business: Railcars will need repair and maintenance at some point. When that happens, Cranemasters is your go-to resource to get freight cars up and rolling, and to keep them in solid working order.

Whether it’s an emergency mainline running repair or a routine maintenance, our experienced personal are trained on the right equipment for jobs ranging from bad order repairs, changing wheel sets, or testing and repairing air systems and brakes.

Our repairmen and certified welders work to AAR and FRA standards on the job site. They’ll come with a 6,000-pound crane and a fully-stocked and well equipped repair truck that includes an air compressor and welding machines, meaning they are ready to work upon arrival.

Whenever and wherever you need assistance on railcars, Cranemasters has the solution, the staff and the equipment to get the job done.