Complex Track Structure Installation

Safe. Resourceful. Industry-leading. Unmatched.


As an elite service provider to the railroad industry, Cranemasters is qualified to plan and execute highly complex track structure installations such as:

  • Pick and carry installations for multi-diamond assemblies where multiple tracks intersect at grade
  • Master or group retarders in hump yards
  • Number 20 fully-assembled switches with concrete ties
  • Number 20 crossovers in a single piece

In all types of terrain and weather conditions, a fleet of custom-designed cranes and special rigging equipment can be dispatched quickly to the site of the installation project.

When you need us, we’re here to help and our goal is the same as yours – to complete the project with minimal railroad down–time to get the trains that run on your track moving again. To learn more about our many years of experience with complex track structure installations, please give us a call anytime.