Emergency Derailment

Car re-railment, clearing the line, laying panel track, damaged car relocation and site clean up. View info and Gallery

Track Construction & Maintenance

Repairs, rebuilds, new construction, dismantling and removal. Monthly, quarterly or annual track inspections based on your traffic and track conditions. Develop maintenance plans, prioritize track work based on your budget, identify areas in significant need of attention, switch point, frog and thermite welding and tie replacement. View info and Gallery

Railcar Maintenance & Repair

Open-line running repair, routine maintenance, changing wheel sets and brake work. View info and Gallery

Complex Track Structure Installation

Here’s an inevitable fact of the railway business: Railcars will need repair and maintenance at some point. When that happens, Cranemasters is your go-to resource to get freight cars up and rolling, and to keep them in solid working order.View info and Gallery

Bridge Span Replacement

Removing old bridges, placing new bridge spans. View info and Gallery

Heavy Equipment Recovery & Transfer

Recovery of equipment in rivers, swamps and other natural areas. View info and Gallery

Load Adjustment & Transfer

Cranemasters is called upon daily to transfer loads from railcar to railcar, or railcar to truck, along with other requests to help move heavy loads from one place to another. View info and Gallery

Natural Disaster Cleanup & Recovery

Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, snowstorms, earthquakes and tropical storms are some of the adverse natural events that require massive cleanup and recovery efforts.View info and Gallery

Crane Rebuild

As you might expect from our name, we are knowledge experts on cranes and how they work. What you might not know is that Cranemasters has amassed a wealth of expertise in crane fabrication, crane reconstruction and crane rehabilitation. View info and Gallery